We provide national and international search and selection services by applying scientifically validated and reliable practices across the recruitment and selection process. Through our team of specialist recruiters, registered industrial psychologists, chartered accountants, master reward specialists, attorneys and payroll specialists, we have a wider spectrum of specialised search and selection areas covered, affording us the advantage of finding that missing puzzle piece.



There is the traditional model of search, which is widely practiced by stock standard recruitment agencies. We are not that. We consider our competitive advantage to be our professional qualifications, as well as our unique methodology which is superior in process in the sense that we employ scientifically validated methods. Our approach is tailored to client specific requirements, which includes the following:

  • Creating and reviewing Job Profiles & Psychological Profiles of ideal candidates and detailed pre-search processes.
  • Accessing our extensive network of established talent and sourcing candidates with proven effectiveness.
  • Scientifically validated assessment ensuring methodical selection. Recruitment is conducted by qualified and registered Industrial Psychologists, using evidence-based personality profiling, testing of performance related matrices and psychological & competency-based assessments to ensure a scientifically validated approach to finding and acquiring talent.
  • Best matching through optimal balance between Job Profile, experience and Personality Profile to achieve the most appropriate corporate culture fit, aimed at achieving higher job satisfaction, productivity, employee engagement and retention.

With the support of industry survey’s, we understand that there are often skilled individuals whom are typically difficult to employ when keeping the selection pool to just South Africa.

We are a specialist provider, offering comprehensive resourcing solutions for scarce skills. We have the necessary legal and technical competency, as well as ability to assist with the sourcing of critical or scarce skills by expanding our search to an international level.

As an additional service to our clients with the interest in hiring internationally, we are able to provide work-permit / visa facilitation. Some countries we have assisted, to name a few, are Tanzania, Morocco, Zimbabwe and Zambia.


We offers Psychometric assessment services enabling our clients to select, manage, develop and retain their employees and key talent. We make use of licensed assessment products from various providers in order to access a wide variety of assessment tools. This enables us to select the best suited assessment match for our client needs.

We prefer online assessments as this is more cost and time effective, but also offer face to face assessment solutions. Tailor made options for feedback on psychometric assessments results are available according to our clients needs. From integrated reports only, to Management and Individual feedback with reports.

The following range of assessments are available to choose from:

  • Personality and Preference Assessments
  • Emotional Intelligence Measurements
  • Competency-based Interviewing
  • Thinking Style Questionnaires
  • Problem-solving and Cognitive Ability
  • Learning Potential Assessments

We present a flexible, cost-effective alternative through our outsourced Labour solution to provide temporary and permanent specialised professional staff.

We take care of the entire Human Resource process; from confirming the placement, contract handling, payroll administration and contract termination.

Our approach is tailored to client specific requirements, which includes the following:

  • Recruitment of temporary and permanent specialised professional staff
  • Payroll administration
  • Fixed-Term Contract and Contract Management
  • Compliance with all Tax and Labour Legislation
    and obligations


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